Environmental issues

Having thousands of refugees passing through an island creates a few headaches in terms of the environment (quite apart from the human problems) . One of the island-wide issues is the vast numbers of so-called life jackets of which  much has been written. At BDFM they have been turned into cushion flooring for tents as well as for make shift seat cushions. 

Composting loos now provide hot water and, although it created some problems today as water was switched off, the hot water capacity has been doubled. The pictures below provide perhaps the most creative Eco development: a boot drying system. Heat from a wood fuelled stove is driven through a tunnel to dry boots and shoes, once the have been washed free of salt. And waiting boots are dried alongside when the sun shines. But recycling otherwise still has a way to go. Nevertheless it is being worked on. 

Meanwhile ditches have been fug as part of a drainage system and after last night’s torrential rain it can be said to be effective. #environment



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